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Check Out  Some Questions And Answers HERE 


What is TeamBuilderBTC?

TeamBuilderBTC is an Advertising/Income Community where people like you can gain advertising credits whilst participating in the bonus cycler(s). 




Who will see my ads?

Your ads will be seen primarily by other online members like you who are actively involved in the site and may be interested in another online business like yourself.

Also Text Ads Will Be Shown On Our Network Of Sites  For That  Wide Exsposure You Have Been Looking For 

Sites  Currently Sowing Network Text Ads


Plus Over 50 diffrent Landing Pages To Date 

More sites added  Over Time


Also If You Have A Web Site and would like to ad  the  network text ads to your site  

here is the html code 
<script src=""></script>
Just Copy and paste  the code in to your site / splash page
contact us  via the support tab with your  site url and we will add your url to our list in the faq page  and members will see your site link 
we will also  deposit 30,000 network ad credits to your account





Does TeamBuilderBTC provide a large targeted audience to view my ads?

As TeamBuilderBTC membership grows so does the target audience.



How many ads will I get in TeamBuilderBTC?

You will get an amount of Text Ad Impression and Banner Ad Impression Credits Each time you purchase a new position.the amount will depend on the advertising pack you purchase.



What is the Monthly Fee?

We do not have a monthly fee.



What payment methods do you accept?

You may use any of the coins listed on the processor when you select the purchase position button. Make sure you actually have coins in the wallet you choose to purschase your position. All withdrawals will be done using Bitcoin and all associated fees by the Blockchain will be handled by the members. 



How much can I expect to earn? 

No guarantee is made on cycling and depends completely on the members promotional activities. Each advertising pack has a different entry in the cycler and has a different payout potential.



Do all members participate in TeamBuilderBTC?

All Members pay for Advertising  upon joining to be in the cycler, so all member will be active.



What about free members, can they earn and are they placed in the matrix?

No Any member who has a position in the cycler will be an active member and a paid advertiser.



What happens when a position cycles?

When You get  two people purchase advertising in your chicken feed position you  "cycle" and receive an automatic  Entry In To The Big Bird Cycler You Will Also Be Rewarded With More Ad Credits

It is designed to be fast-moving so keep an eye on your positions and stats. 



How do I receive my bonus from the cycler?

When a position cycles, you will receive your "bonus" in Bitcoin.  



Are there any fees for withdrawals?

Yes, there is a standard wallet fee for  btc transaction and  that will be handled by the site




Why a 1 x 2 cycler?

It is a Matrix where you cycle out faster and see rewards more quickly.




Do I have to cycle to go into the next level?






Do I have to buy positions in each cycler?

No you can choose which cycler you wish to be part of one  of them two of them or all of them the choice is yours . 

The cycler is a bonus entry  for buying advertising  packs  you can  buy  as many ad packs as you like 

each ad pack has a higher value and  this will depend on what cycler  you will be placed in  and also  you will be  given more ad credits




Why is the TeamBuilderBTC cycler 1 x 2 only?

TeamBuilderBTC is designed to put the enjoyment back into a cycler. To many cyclers  fail due to the complex structure, creating a long wait before you see any returns. We have found the longer people have to wait the momentum dies off and people stop promoting, less people join and In the end the cycler grinds to a halt.


With the 1 x 2 cycler it keeps the momentum, people see returns faster and want to keep the cycler going by getting new positions and they also keep promoting. This means the matrix has a longer shelf life to other cyclers.





Why is the possible returns so little compared with other cycler systems?

One reason is because it is a 1 x 2. You will not have to have 100's of people under you before you see a return.

It is fast and fun.


The other reason it is NOT a get rich quick. You can earn smaller amounts but more often.














The Chicken Feeder


2,000 Network Text Ads

 2,000 Banner ads 

Entry 1x2 Company Forced Cycler


Cost 0.001 BTC




FREE Entry To The BIG BIRD  



The Big Bird


5,000 Network Text Ads

2,000 Banner ads

Entry 1x2 Company Forced Cycler


Cost 0.002 BTC




0.003 BTC Paid Direct To You



The Eagle


10,000 Network Text Ads

2,000 Banner ads 

Entry 1x2 Company Forced Cycler


Cost 0.004 BTC




0.007 BTC Paid Direct To You